Usually SALTECH works directly with the client’s technical department and in close co-operation with the project manager.

Technical-economical study

The project often starts with a technical-economical feasibility study to form basis for the investment decision. If the client decides to go on, SALTECH will proceed with the design phase. To prepare for the purchasing phase SALTECH will compile a technical requirement specification. When the client has approved the design SALTECH will suggest suitable makers and contractors, produce the tender documents on account of the client and evaluate offers from prospective contractors. During contract negotiations SALTECH will advise the client in technical matters and about the technical content of the contract.

Project management

After signing of contract SALTECH will undertake complete project management including survey/approval of design and products from the contractors and suppliers. During the building stage SALTECH will supervise the construction and attend the trials and commissioning of the new vessel.

Detail design and classification drawings

As an alternative SALTECH can offer complete building documentation including basic and detail design as a class approved drawing package. The package includes 3D product models, material and parts list, assembly drawings, nesting of plates and profiles, cutting and bending data, weight calculation etc.

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